Win a 3 month trip in South America

3 months of travel, up to 3 countries, all flights included,
£1.500 per month, Explorer Kit, GoPro camera and much more

What else do you need to live the best three months of your life?


Participate until the 19th of March!


Selection process

If you love traveling… this is your opportunity! We are looking for 3 explorers that will travel around Latin America for 3 months each one.

What do we offer?

Everything that you need for a great trip: choose 3 latinoamerican countries, all flights included, £ 1,300 every month and, what is more, we wil give you an explorer KIT with a backpack, a GoPro camera and much more.

We just need you to show us everything while you are traveling by taking pictures, recording and writing your adventures. If you love sharing everything in your social networks… this contest is for you!

Participate in our VAMOS / LATAM Contest before the 19th, March 2017. It’s your opportunity to make your dream come true!

Tell us your motivation to travel to Latin America, which countries you would like to visit and why you are the candidate we are looking for. If you upload videos, photos and a sample of your writing, your participation will be enriched! You can participate until the 19th of March!

Once you have sent your participation, you have to tell everyone! Share your participation in your social media profiles so your friends and family help you become one of LATAM’s explorers. If you are one of the 10 most-voted you will automatically be one of the preselected participants. And if you are not between the 10 most-voted participants? Don’t worry, our jury will shortlist 30 more participations. In the end, the jury will choose the three winners between these 40 participations.

Good luck, explorer!

Source: Vamos/LATAM Contest – Next Stop Latin America


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