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When is the Easter Bank Holiday in 2017? – Next year you can treat yourself to more than a fortnight off work without even booking off 10 working days. This is due to the days the bank holidays fall on in 2017. A little while back, we told …

When is Donald Trump’s inauguration date? – After eight years, Barack Obama’s time in the Oval Office has come to an end and after a truly unique election run Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America later …

Coleen Rooney and Manchester Utd star Wayne ‘wouldn’t rule out more kids’ – Mum of three Coleen Rooney has revealed all about how she battled back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Gym sessions and pilates have transformed the 31-year-old into the svelte size 10 she was before …

A mum who tried to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the UK from Calais has had her jail term cut – A mum who was caught attempting to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the UK from France has seen her jail term cut by high court judges. Ana-Maria Roman was expecting her second child when she drov…

Police searching for missing Victoria Cherry for a year find body in Bolton house – Police who have been searching for a missing woman for more than a year have discovered a body in a Bolton house. Detectives have been trying to figure out how Victoria Cherry managed to completely…

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