Holidays Calendar for August 3, 2016

Freedom Day in Equatorial Guinea

One of the public holidays of Equatorial Guinea falls on August 3. This is Freedom Day, that is also known as Armed Forces Day. It’s annually celebrated on the anniversary of military revolt in 1979.

Anniversary of the Killing of Pidjiguiti in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau annually observes the public holiday of Anniversary of the Killing of Pidjiguiti on August 3. This memorial day commemorates the victims of the Pidjiguiti massacre in 1959.

Independence Day in Niger

Niger annually celebratesIndependence Day on August 3. This public holiday marks the day, when Niger gained independence from France in 1960.

Flag Day in Venezuela

Many countries around the world celebrate Flag Day on a date, that is specific for every nation. For instance, Venezuela observes this holiday on August 3.

Arbor Day in Niger

Niger is one of many countries facing environmental problems and soil erosion. Planting trees helps stop desertification, that is why Arbor Dayis celebrated in Niger. The trees planting events are annually organized on August 3.

National Watermelon Day

August 3 is National Watermelon Day. This is the perfect occasion to go on a picnic or throw a pool party and indulge yourself with sweet and tasty summer fruit.


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