Holidays Calendar for July 21, 2016

National Day is one of twelve public holidays in Belgium. It’s annually observed on July 21 to celebrate the day, when Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg swore allegiance to the new Belgian constitution and became the first King of Belgium.

Guam annually celebrates Liberation Day on July 21. The date of the holiday is connected with the start of the Second Battle of Guam in July 1944.

Health Care and Medical Industry Worker’s Day is a professional holiday, that is observed in Turkmenistan on July 21. This holiday brings together all health experts regardless their specific field of activity.

The mass race riots, that occurred in Singapore in 1964, became the basis for creation of Racial Harmony Day. This holiday is celebrated in Singapore on July 21 to commemorate the innocent victims of the riots.

July 21 is the day when all diets go out of the window as it is National Junk Food Day. This is a perfect excuse to indulge in your guilty pleasures without pangs of conscience.


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