The Mickflieg Daily July 10th 2016

Don’t Step On A Bee Day July 10th 2016

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mickflieg – In honour of “Don’t Step on a Bee Day” we would like to take a minute to reflect on the importance of the little (and vastly shrinking in population) bee and some of the work Burt’s Bees is doing t…

Disability Awareness Day 10 July 2016

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mickflieg – Did you know that Disability Awareness Day (DAD) is the the biggest non-profit disability exhibition led by volunteers in the UK? It is held by Warrington Disability Partnership and attracts more t…

Holidays Calendar for July 10, 2016

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mickflieg – The Commonwealth of The Bahamas celebrates its Independence Day on July 10. On that day in 1973, the Bahamas gained independence from the United Kingdom. Day of the Russian Post is an annual profes…

Nikola Tesla Day July 10th 2016

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mickflieg – On July 10, some organizations throughout the world informally celebrate Nikola Tesla Day, also known as World Tesla Day. It commemorates the birthday of Nikola Tesla, renowned Serbian-American inv…

This Day in History July the 10th

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mickflieg – This Day in History July the 10th July 10, 2016Days Of The Year, mickflieg, This Day In HistoryDays Of The Year, History, mickflieg, This Day In Historymickflieg 2011 Died: Roland Petit, French dan…

Caroline Aherne ‘chose not to have children because of cancer fears’ – Caroline Aherne made the heartbreaking and selfless decision never to have children after battling cancer throughout her life, it has emerged. Former fiancé Brett Whitford has spoken out to say tha…

Review: Take That at Hyde Park, London – Take That have enjoyed a glorious career spanning 25 years and they are well-known for their spectacular, record-breaking concerts – but this is the first time that they have ever played in London’…

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Teddy Bear Picnic Day July 10th 2016

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mickflieg – Chances are that you have some of your old favorite stuffed animals tucked away at your parents’ house. If the toys were especially sentimental, they may have even made the move with you to your do…

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Eyewitness describes horror of boy, 13, collapsing after taking drugs – A boy of 13 is still fighting for his life in hospital after taking a drug thought to be ecstasy which left him ‘shaking all over and sweating’. Today police confirmed the youngster remains in a cr…

Arson blow as football club prepares for 100th birthday – Members of a grass-roots football club have been left devastated because of a burglary and arson attack on the eve of their centenary celebrations. Thieves smashed their way into a metal container …

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Locked up in June: 32 criminals jailed last month – A murderer, Euro 2016 football hooligan, a paedophile, a burglar who stabbed a dog and another burglar who targeted a Premier League star while he was on international duty have all been jailed in …

There Have Been Protests Outside This Jobcentre Every Week For Two Years | VICE | United Kingdom

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Yasmin Belgrave

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How one councillor fears giant rats are becoming immune to poisons – A councillor is calling for more action to combat super rats in Oldham following reports of the creatures becoming more resistant to poison. Last year a report released by the British Pest Control …

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