Holidays Calendar for July 9, 2016

Independence Day in Argentina

July 9 is Independence Day in Argentina. This holiday commemorates the day of declaration of independence of the United Provinces of South America.

Independence Day in South Sudan

South Sudan annually celebratesIndependence Day on July 9. This holiday was established in 2011, when South Sudan gained independence from Sudan.

Constitution Day in Palau

Constitution Day in Palau, that annually falls on July 9, is a public holiday. The islanders have a day off to celebrate this day.

Diplomatic Service Agency Worker's Day in Azerbaijan

July 9 is Diplomatic Service Agency Worker’s Day in Azerbaijan. This is an official professional holiday, that is observed by working staff of the Diplomatic Service Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Sea and Fishermen's Festival in Latvia

Sea and Fishermen’s Festival is held in Latvian coastal towns and villages on the second weekend in July. It is the country’s second largest summer festival after Jāņi (Midsummer’s Day) celebrated on June 24.

Arbor Day in Cambodia

Annually King of Cambodia plants at least one tree. This event takes place on July 9, that is Arbor Day in Cambodia. Celebration of this event encourages tree planting, protection of forests and raises public awareness of multiple issues of nature preservation in Cambodia.

Constitution Day in Australia

Constitution Day in Australia is observed annually on July 9. This day commemorates the day when the Constitution of Australia was approved in 1900.

National Sugar Cookie Day

Although sugar cookies are often associated with Christmas, National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated in summer, on July 9.


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