Strawberry Sundae Day July 7th 2016

Strawberry Sundae Day

We all love cooling down with a cold, fruity treat on a hot day and Strawberry Sundae Day honours a dessert loved by millions around the world. Created with sweet toothed people in mind, Strawberry Sundae Day is the perfect excuse to sit in the garden and cool down with a delicious delicacy. Strawberries are loved by children and adults alike and are a refreshing, sweet fruit. Coupled with ice cream and whipped cream to form a sundae, they taste divine.

Making your own sundaes for Strawberry Sundae Day is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Older children can make them by themselves, choosing the quantities of strawberries, ice cream, cream and other ingredients as they see fit, and younger children can help make (and eat) the sundaes. If you have any strawberries left over, why not make some tasty smoothies or jam with them?


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