Holidays Calendar for July 6, 2016

Day of the Capital in Kazakhstan

Day of the Capital is one of the public holidays in Kazakhstan. This holiday is officially celebrated since 2009.

Statehood Day in Lithuania

Lithuania annually celebratesStatehood Day on July 6. This holiday commemorates coronation of Mindaugas in 1253, the first and the only King of Lithuania.

Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic

Jan Hus Day is a public holiday in the Czech Republic. It’s annually observed on July 6 to commemorate the death of the religious reformer in 1415.

Independence Day in the Comoros

The Union of the Comoros celebrates its Independence Day on July 6. This public holiday celebrates the day, when the Comoros gained independence from France.

Ra o te Ui Ariki in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands annually celebrate the holiday of Ra o te Ui Ariki on July 6. The name of this holiday can be translated to English as “Day of high chief council”.

Independence Day in Malawi

Malawi annually celebrates itsIndependence Day on July 6. On this day Malawi proclaimed independence from Great Britain.

Teachers' Day in Peru

Many countries around the world have tradition to celebrate Teachers’ Day to commemorate work of teachers. For instance, this holiday is annually observed in Peru on July 6.

Arbor Day in Chile

Arbor Day is celebrated in Chile every year on July 6. This event attracts thousands of people who want to participate in improvement of environmental situation of their country.

National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in India

Millions of trees are annually planted across India during the National Festival of Trees Planting (Van Mahotsav) in India. The festival lasts for one week and it corresponds to the well-known tradition of Arbor Day in other countries.

Birthday of Eino Leino in Finland

On July 6 each year, the Finns celebrate the birthday of Eino Leino, an outstanding poet who is considered one of the pioneers of the Finnish-language poetry. His birthday is a celebration of poetry and summer.

National Fried Chicken Day

Nearly every cuisine has its own version of fried chicken. For example, in the United States this dish typically consists of chicken pieces which are battered, breaded, or flowered and then deep fried, pan-fried, or broasted. Americans even celebrate National Fried Chicken Day on July 6.

World Kissing Day

July 6 is World Kissing Day (also known as World Kiss Day and International Kissing Day). This holiday was born in Great Britain, where it was unofficially celebrated since the 19th century.


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