There are lots of ways you can get involved to raise awareness and support the sarcoma community.

However you choose to get involved, you will be helping people affected by sarcoma throughout the UK – thank you.

We have some exciting things planned for Sarcoma Awareness Week 2016, so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

You can also join the conversation and help to spread the word about Sarcoma awareness on Twitter, using the hashtag #SarcomaAwarenessWeek .


Sarcoma Awareness Week 2016

Screen shot of film

Sarcoma Awareness Week 2016

Monday 4 July – Sunday 10 July

The more sarcoma aware we are as a nation, the more we can empower people to get any lump checked out with their GP, and promptly.  A poll of the general public we ran in 2015 informed us that 53% of people have not heard of sarcoma and only 26% knew it was a cancer.

We need to amplify sarcoma awareness and we need your help. The ask is simple:

Like and share our film “What is sarcoma?

  • Tell ten friends that sarcoma is a cancer of the bone and soft tissue. Email them, stop them in the corridor, tag them in a tweet #SarcomaAware – just spread the word to ten contacts and you can help people to receive an early diagnosis and ultimately save lives.
  • View our very special Sarcoma and Youonline photo exhibition (launching 4 July), which will challenge perceptions about  sarcoma and body image. You can preview the stunning portrait series by Alison Romanczuk on Instagram right now.
  • There are many other ways you can get involved: organise a fundraiser, become a Sarcoma Voice or visit your GP with our ‘On the Ball’ pack.


About ‘On The Ball’

Sarcoma UK Golf Ball

The first sign of sarcoma cancer is a lump on the leg, an arm or somewhere on the body.

If a GP correctly identifies the lump when it is smaller than a golf ball (5cm), it’s likely that the cancer can be treated successfully . However, most people are diagnosed with sarcoma when it is the size of a baked bean tin (10cm).

You may wonder why a visible lump that grows beyond the size of a golf ball might not be diagnosed accurately by professionals.

There are two reasons

  1. We are not very aware of sarcoma. We found that 53% of the general public have not heard of sarcoma.
  2. GPs are not familiar with the red flag signs of sarcoma – a visible lump that is getting bigger. A third of people with sarcoma visit their GP at least three times over a period of eighteen months before seeing a specialist.

We launched On the Ball to educate GPs and the public about sarcoma, so that it could be diagnosed earlier and that far more of the 4,000 people diagnosed each year could live longer, better lives.

Survival rates have not improved in the last twenty years, but that can change.

People can survive sarcoma if their cancer is diagnosed early, when treatments can be effective and before the sarcoma has spread to other parts of the body.

On the Ball will help more people to survive sarcoma by educating GPs to identify sarcoma earlier.

Over 1,600 On the Ball packs have been distributed to GPs throughout the UK. With your help, we can reach many more GPs all over the UK.  Click here to order your On the Ball pack

Sarcoma UK is the only charity in the UK focusing on all types of sarcoma cancer.



Our mission is to amplify sarcoma awareness, inspire involvement, and fund ground-breaking research to transform the lives of everyone affected by sarcoma.

We work with patients, carers, supporters, health professionals and researchers to drive awareness of sarcoma, promote early diagnosis and improve patient experience.

We pledge to invest over £3million into sarcoma researchby 2020 with the aim of finding effective treatment for the disease within the next 10 years.

We are the only UK charity providing personal support and expert information on sarcoma. In February 2016, we launched our national Support Line.

We aim to increase survival rates by at least 10% by 2020.  Early diagnosis saves lives.

We provide education and training for GPs to help them recognise the symptoms of sarcoma.

We are a young charity that supports one strong, caring and mutually-supportive community. We are seen as a lifeline by some.

We are staffed by a small team managed by a board of trustees (many with personal experience of sarcoma), and supported by experts in the sarcoma field.

Sarcoma UK was founded by Roger Wilson CBE, a sarcoma patient. Read Roger’s insight into the Quality Standard and how it will help make things better for patients.

We receive no government funding and rely solely ongenerous voluntary donations and the energy and imagination of our tireless fundraisers.

We keep our administration and running costs to a minimum which means that more of your money goes directly to funding vital research.

You are very welcome to join us.


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