National Caesar Salad Day July 4


A delicious food holiday, National Caesar Salad Day,  is celebrated on July 4th of each year.

A classic Caesar salad dressing includes a few ingredients that make some people a bit squeamish, but the flavor is undeniably a name making recipe.  With anchovies and raw (or coddled) egg as the main ingredients, parmesan, dijon mustard and lemon juice to brighten it all up and a dash of salt to bring it all together, Chef Caesar Cardini developed a salad that has stood the test of time. Topped on a bed of romaine lettuce with croutons and some more freshly grated parmesan the Caesar salad is on nearly 50 percent of the restaurant menus across the country.


To celebrate, make a Caesar Salad, or go out and order one.  Post on social media using #NationalCaesarSaladDay.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the founder of National Caesar Salad Day.  However, this day is important to the history of the Caesar Salad.  It was on this holiday weekend in 1924 that Caesar Cardini created the Caesar Salad for his elite Hollywood crowd at his Tijuana, Mexico restaurant for the Independence Day weekend. As part of the service, he made a large display of mixing the salad before his guests in the middle of the dining room, tossing the ingredient dramatically. As a result, a tradition was born which continues today.

Cardini’s original Caesar Salad did not contain anchovies. The dressing called for Worcestershire sauce, which is derived from anchovies.


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