World Watercolor Month - July


World Watercolor Month is observed annually in July.

Watercolor (watercolour, aquarelle) is a beautiful medium that has captivated people around the globe for centuries. Today, artists are producing amazing paintings each day, and sketchers have popularized the medium as a wonderful way to add life and color to drawings of the world around them.

World Watercolor Month is a celebration to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to people just starting out! Simply tag your watercolor art with #WorldWatercolorMonth and share it for the world to see! The first year of this celebration is also a benefit for The Dreaming Zebra Foundation! You can also join us in celebrating by donating watercolor supplies to support underprivileged young artists worldwide! With your help, we can provide much needed support for kids in need. Visitwww.worldwatercolor.com to learn more!


Commit to making a watercolor painting or sketch each day during the month (or whenever you can join), and share your work with #WorldWatercolorMonth when posting your art! (and use the hashtag to view the work of other watercolor artists around the world!)

  • Haven’t tried watercolor before? Give it try for the first time this month!
  • It’s even more fun to paint with friends, so plan a picnic or sketch walk in your local city and paint outside together.
  • Have your kids try watercolor painting (and paint with them, of course!)
  • Support a watercolor artist you enjoy by purchasing one of their beautiful pieces or products for your home.
  • Share the watercolor work of other artists you love.



World Watercolor Month July 2016 Primary LogoCharlie O’Shields, the creator of Doodlewash®, is the founder of World Watercolor Month. His own love of the medium led to the creation of a blog and social artist movement dedicated to promoting and connecting the vast community of watercolor artists all over the world. The blog has featured hundreds of artists sketching and painting with watercolor on all seven continents. According to Charlie, “There’s something magical about watercolor, and it’s my passion to bring all types of watercolor artists together to celebrate each other’s work and the medium we all love!”

Find out more at www.worldwatercolor.com.


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