I Forgot Day July 2nd 2016

I Forgot Day

I Forgot Day gives you the chance to make up for forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and even those days you think you might forget in the future.

Apologise (belatedly) for anything you’ve missed, let slip or otherwise forgotten!

Who were you supposed to wish a happy birthday to today?  Did you forget?  If you did, then today is fitting for you.  July 2nd celebrates National I Forgot Day. This day is one to simply “not remember”.  If you have ever wished you had an excuse for those things you somehow let slip your  mind, today you have it! You can celebrate today by just letting yourself forget.

Some celebrate today a bit differently.  Another way to enjoy National I Forgot Day is to make good with all of the things/days/events that you forgot to acknowledge.  Send a card or greeting to that certain someone and apologize for “forgetting” it.

A third and final way to look at, or celebrate,  National I Forgot Day, is to take any bad memory that you have stored (or if you are just having a bad day) and simply – FORGET it!

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The creator of National I Forgot Day is  Gaye Anderson from DeMotte, IN.  She created this special day because of a period in her life when she was having a hard time remembering things.  Instead of getting flustered, she created this day to relax and just let herself –forget-.  Gaye doesn’t quite remember (believe it or not!) when she created this day, but thinks it must have been about 10 or so years ago.


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