July 2016 is also Horseradish Month

Horseradish Month

Here’s an event to celebrate with relish!

Horseradish Month

offers a chance to add zing to your menu, finding out how this tasty herb can beef up all kinds of meals.

Horseradish has been grown for 3,000 years, and was prized by both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Over the centuries it has been used as everything from a cough medicine to a love potion. While low on calories and fat, it’s famously big on flavour – and packed with valuable minerals and vitamins.

Nobody seems sure how this herb got its own special month, but it’s a great excuse to try some deliciously different horseradish recipes. Everyone knows that horseradish complements roast beef, but have you tasted it with fish, chicken or eggs? It’s also an ingredient in a Bloody Mary and horseradish schnapps is brewed in Germany – so you can toast the occasion in style.


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