Holidays Calendar for July 1, 2016

Canada Day

July 1 is a very important holiday for the Canadians. This is Canada Day, that is often regarded as Canada’s birthday.

Communist Party of China Founding Day

The Communist Party of China is a ruling political party in China. The day of it’s foundation is a traditional holiday. On July 1 the Chinese celebrate Communist Party of China Founding Day (or CPC Founding Day).

Independence Day in Rwanda

Independence Day in Rwanda is annually observed on July 1. The holiday celebrates the day, when Rwanda became an independent state from Belgium 1962.

Independence Day in Burundi

People of Burundi annually celebrateIndependence Day on July 1. On this day Belgian colony Ruanda-Urundi split to form Rwanda and present-day Burundi.

Republic Day in Ghana

July 1 is Republic Day in Ghana. This holiday celebrates the day, when Prime Minister of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah proclaimed a republic and became its first president.

Emancipation Day in Suriname

Suriname celebrates Emancipation Day on July 1 every year. This holiday is called Keti Koti, that can be translated as “the chains are cut”, meaning the end of the era of slavery in Suriname.

Republic Day in Somalia

People of Somalia annually celebrateRepublic Day on July 1. This holiday celebrates the day of unification of two parts of Somalia.

Territory Day in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands annually celebrate Territory Day on July 1. Unlike the other islands of British overseas territory, the Virgin Islands do not celebrate the day of attainment of political freedom from Britain. They celebrate the day, when the Virgin Islands became a self-governing colony.

July 1 is Sir Seretse Khama Day in Botswana. This holiday celebrates the birthday of the first president of Botswana. His presidency lasted from 1966 till 1980. He made significant contribution to the development of his country.

Fishermen's Day in the Marshall Islands

Fishermen’s Day (Firshermen’s Holiday) is one of the public holidays in the Marshall Islands. It is celebrated on the first Friday in July. Since 1982, it has been marked with annual Firshermen’s Day Tournament.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

July 1 is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (or HKSAR Establishment Day). This holiday is celebrated since 1997.

Emancipation Day in Sint Maarten

Emancipation Day is annually observed in Sint Maarten on July 1. This holiday celebrates the day, when the Netherlands abolished slavery on the island in 1863.

Doctor's Day in India

Contribution of physicians to the well-being of the Indian nation is annually recognized on July 1, when the country celebrates Doctor’s Day. This holiday is observed on the birthday of the legendary Indian physician and second Chief Minister of West Bengal Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Architecture Day in Ukraine

Architecture Day is a professional holiday of Ukrainian architects. The holiday is annually observed on July 1 and it was established by Presidential Decree in 1995.

Engineer's Day in Mexico

Mexican engineers annually celebrate their professional holiday on July 1, that is known as Engineer’s Day. This holiday was established in 1973.

Tax Service Worker's Day in Kyrgyzstan

July 1 is Tax Service Worker’s Day in Kyrgyzstan. This professional holiday was established by Governmental Decree of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2006.

Armed Forces Day in Singapore

Armed Forces Day in Singapore is celebrated on July 1 every year. The first celebration was held in 1969, and the holiday has been observed annually ever since.

National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in India

Millions of trees are annually planted across India during the National Festival of Trees Planting (Van Mahotsav) in India. The festival lasts for one week and it corresponds to the well-known tradition of Arbor Day in other countries.

Tartan Day in Australia and New Zealand

Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage in some English-speaking countries. In Australia and New Zealand, it is held annually on July 1 and is sometimes referred to as International Tartan Day.

July Morning in Bulgaria

July Morning is a unique Bulgarian observance, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s annually observed on July 1 on the coast of the Black Sea.

National Gingersnap Day

July 1 is National Gingersnap Day. The small round cookies will be the best treat for today.

Quds Day

Quds Day, also known as International Quds Day, is observed in Iran and some other Islamic countries on the last Friday of Ramadan. This event focuses on expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing the existence of Israel and Zionism.

Honor America Days

Annually 21 days from Flag Day areHonor America Days. This observance was created with the aim that all Americans could celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate way.


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