Holidays Calendar for June 29, 2016

Independence Day in Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles annually celebrates Independence Day on June 29. This holiday celebrates the day, when Seychelles gained independence from Great Britain.

Autonomy Day in French Polynesia

Autonomy Day, celebrated annually on June 29, is one of the public holidays in French Polynesia. Observation of this holiday is connected with the history of French colonization.

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul in Western Christianity

June 29 is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, that is observed by Western Christianity. The feast has got ancient origin and it had been established in Roman Empire.

Day of Partisans and Underground Resistance is Russian memorial day, that was established in 2009. It was celebrated for the first time on June 29, 2010.

National Almond Buttercrunch Day

June 29 is National Almond Buttercrunch Day. This candy is great to sedate everyone with sweet tooth, but it brings the crunch, and you know it.

Honor America Days

Annually 21 days from Flag Day areHonor America Days. This observance was created with the aim that all Americans could celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate way.


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