Please Take My Children To Work Day June 27th 2016

Please Take My Children To Work Day

You know who doesn’t get enough credit? Moms. Listen, we know they get a LOT of credit, but if you stop to consider all the things they have to manage in the day, they really DON’T get all the credit they deserve. For the traditional mom they stay home and take care of the kids and family, they keep your home and laundry clean, and they serve as nurse-maid and counselor when things just aren’t going right.

History of Please Take My Children To Work Day
You know what else they don’t get enough of? Time off. It’s even worse for those who work! They have to manage all of the above (hopefully with the help of their husbands, if they want a happy marriage) and do all the normal mom things! So that’s what Please Take My Children To Work Day is all about, making sure they get some well-deserved time off. This is really the non-mom partner to shine by taking their children to work.
Taking them to work gives them great opportunities to experience the world at large, to really find out what it means to hold a job and what their parents do all day. Even better, it gives mom a great day off while the children learn valuable life skills. Even better, it lets the other parent get some time to hang out with them and build a relationship with them.
This days importance can’t be understated, as the imbalance between parents has been observed pretty clearly. While moms get out trying to learn how to better care for their kids, some husbands don’t realize that this isn’t time off, they need to get out, have fun, and relax. Please Take My Children To Work Day is a time to honor all they do by giving them a much needed break.

How to Celebrate Please Take My Children To Work Day
Listen, we’re going to assume that you can read, and that you have some level of comprehension. It’s right there in the title, take your kids to work! Maybe even arrange with your work to have a day where all the parents are able to bring in their kids and give them a tour of the facility. Who knows, you might even get an accidental day off out of the deal as your bosses set up a barbeque and ‘Take Your Kids To Work’ Day!


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