Refugee Week 20-26 June 2016

Celebrate Culture this
Refugee Week
20-26 June 2016

Refugee WeekRefugee Week

Refugee Week takes place from 20-26 June 2016.   This special time is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions refugees in the UK make to our wonderfully diverse culture.

The week was first held in 1998 to banish the negative image many people have of refugee women and men in the UK.

Many people don’t realise that the UK is a sanctuary to many people who have been forced to leave their home countries.  Despite the hardship of having to move to a strange new country, these people have enriched our culture, and this is a chance to learn more about them.

In 2013 around 350 activities were held across the country by charities, local groups and schools to learn more, and over 70,000 people participated.  A range of materials, including badges, balloons and banners were available to promote local events and raise awareness of the week.

In 2011 the event coincided with the 60th year of the Refugee Convention.  The Refugee Convention took place in 1951 and it defined the status of who is a refugee, their rights and the legal obligations of states.

You can keep updated on what’s happening on twitter and facebook.  To find out more about getting involved visit the Refugee Week website and share your stories today!

If you visit the website you’ll also find lots of information that you can access for free to help promote your event.  The organisers also welcome any financial help, so if you can donate to this cause your support will be greatly appreciated.



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