National Licensing Week


Licensing is Everywhere

National Licensing Week 20-24 June 2016

National Licensing Week

The Institute of Licensing is delighted to announce the launch of the first ever National Licensing Week (NLW) in June this year.National Licensing Week will be an opportunity to raise awareness of licensing and the important role it plays in everyday life.   Licensing has a presence in most people’s lives on a daily basis: catching that taxi, having that beer, buying a new family dog, a weekend camping, a night out in town, a trip to the cinema, a late night kebab …  The influence is invisible when things are going right, and very visible when they go wrong – passenger misadventure at the hands of an unlicensed taxi driver, injury, attacks and social disruption through alcohol related behaviour, financial devastation to families through gambling addiction, mistreatment of animals etc.   There are many stakeholders involved in licensing.  From Government Departments responsible for the drafting, scrutiny and review of law, local authorities considering and issuing licences, regulatory bodies including the police working to ensure compliance, and of course the licence holders themselves, the majority of whom run their businesses in accordance with the law and actively work in partnerships with the other parties to the benefit of their cities, towns and villages.There are a great many excellent initiatives working alongside the various licensing regimes, all contributing to good work being done across the country.  Various industry representative organisations too, as well as professional bodies representing practitioners in all areas of licensing.Many of these agencies, professional bodies and licensing practitioners are coming together for National Licensing Week to celebrate the vital and positive role that licensing has in everyday lives – everyday. The theme for the 2016 NLW will be “Licensing is Everywhere” and will run from 20-24 June 2016 nationwide.

The daily themes will run as follows:

Day 1 (20 June) – Licensing is all around – a general awareness raiser about just how much of everyday life is influenced or safeguarded through licensing, what is covered and the broad aims in each case.

Day 2 (21 June) – Gambling and Gaming

Day 3 (22 June) – Alcohol and Entertainment

Day 4 (23 June) – Taxis

Day 5 (24 June) – Partnership and a focus on other licensing areas including: Animal Welfare, caravan sites charity collections etc.

For more information, and to find out what’s happening, who’s involved and how to get involved,

go to the National Licensing Week website.ontact via email:

Join in via social media: @licensingweek

Use #licensingweek2016

Source: National Licensing Week


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