Holidays Calendar for June 15, 2016

National Salvation Day in Azerbaijan

Heydar Aliyev rose to power in Azerbaijan on June 15, 1993. This important day is annually commemorated in Azerbaijan as National Salvation Day.

National Flag Day in Armenia

Armenia annually celebrates National Flag Day on June 15. This holiday was established by the National Assembly of Armenia on June 15, 2006.

Day of Valdemar and Reunion Day in Denmark

Denmark annually celebrates Day of Valdemar and Reunion Day on June 15. This holiday commemorates two important events in the history of Denmark, that occurred on the same day but in different centuries.

Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche in Bhutan

Birthday of Guru Rinpoche is one of the public holidays in the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is celebrated on the tenth day of the sixth lunar month, which typically falls in June or July in the Gregorian calendar.

Fire Service Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan

June 15 is annual date for celebration of Fire Service Workers’ Day in Kyrgyzstan. This professional holiday was established in October 1994.

Arbor Day in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans annually celebrate Arbor Day (Día del Árbol) on June 15. Many trees planting related events are organized across the country. All adults and children are encouraged to participate.

Global Wind Day

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) annually organize celebration of Global Wind Day on June 15. This is a day, when wind energy is celebrated and information over wind capabilities is exchanged.

Beer Day Britain in the UK

Beer Day Britain is an unofficial National Beer Day in the United Kingdom celebrated on June 15. It was inaugurated in 2015 by Jane Peyton, a British author, beer sommelier and evange-ale-ist.

National Lobster Day

June 15 is National Lobster Day. Although the most popular way to eat it boiled and dipped in melted butter, today you can make something new.

World Elder Abuse Day

The United General Assembly designated World Elder Abuse Dayon June 15 by resolution 66/127. This day raises public awareness of abuse, that some of our older generations suffer at home.

Honor America Days

Annually 21 days from Flag Day areHonor America Days. This observance was created with the aim that all Americans could celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate way.


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