National Picnic Week 11-19 June 2016

National Picnic Week
National Picnic Week

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National Picnic Week takes place from 11-19 June 2016 and people throughout the country will be gathering up their picnic accessories and finding any excuse to have a picnic in the great outdoors to celebrate.

I find picnics incredibly romantic in a Jane Austen kind of way.  I think I’ll use National Picnic Week as the perfect excuse to indulge in a picnic for two.   A little feast of strawberries, cream and perhaps I’ll even include some champagne … or maybe just sparkling wine!

Why not try one of the many picnic recipes available in recipe books and online?  Go for a potato salad, beetroot salad or a more exotic selection of antipasti.   Take along a selection of freshly pressed juices and a group of friends and you have the perfect ingredients for a summer picnic.

I can’t go on a picnic without a picnic basket set complete with the traditional wicker look and all the necessary picnic accessories.   The week aims to promote the great outdoors and the classic picnic so long as the weather allows it!   I wonder if wicker is water-proof …

There are a number of ideal picnic spots dotted up and down the country and the website for National Picnic Week has a great map you can use to plan your day out.   Alternatively, be a bit more creative if the weather is not so good; try a picnic in a hotel room or your own front room!



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