Holidays Calendar for June 10, 2016

Portugal Day

Portugal Day is observed annually on June 10 in Portugal and the Portuguese Communities. This is an official holiday only in Portugal, but the Portuguese citizens and emigrants also celebrate this holiday worldwide.

Abolition Day in French Guiana

Many former colonies have a public holiday named Abolition Day or Emancipation Day that commemorates the abolition of slavery. For instance, Abolition Day in French Guiana is celebrated on June 10. It was first observed in 2012.

Reconciliation Day in the Republic of the Congo

Reconciliation Day is a public holiday in the Republic of the Congo that commemorates the Congo’s national conference. The conference held in 1991 ended a long history of single-party Marxist rule.

Dano Festival (Surit-nal) in Korea

The 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar Korean calendar is Dano. This festival is also called Surit-nal and it’s an official holiday in North Korea.

Senior TT Race in the Isle of Man

Senior TT Race in the Isle of Man is one of the major events, that is awaited by the islanders and tourists from all over the world. The day of race is an official non-working holiday.

Army Day in Jordan

On June 10, Jordan celebrates Army Day. It commemorates the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Arab Revolt in the Ottoman Empire in 1916.

National Iced Tea Day

Set aside your business to celebrateNational Iced Tea Day, that falls on June 10. This is the best summer refreshing drink, that is enjoyed across the world.

National Children Day in Haiti

Every year all children of Haiti celebrate National Children Day on June 10. This holiday was created to remind children, that they also have rights.


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