Jerky Day 9th June 2016


Jerky Day

Jerky Day is a new celebration, having been started in 2012, and it was obviously started to help boost sales of the dried jerky treat that so many people enjoy. However, despite that, the popularity of the salty treat means that it is already a popular day to celebrate, and there is no greater way than to head to a local barbecue or event that has been set up especially to celebrate the occasion.

Jerky is created by first trimming the fat from lean meat, and then leaving the resulting cut to dry. Salt is usually added to aid the drying process and bacteria is removed during the drying and salting process. Jerky can be made from virtually any meat, and combined with other ingredients, and this means that, as well as beef jerky, it is possible to buy and enjoy dried products ranging from kangaroo to alligator.


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