Holidays Calendar for June 6, 2016

National Day of Sweden

June 6 is National Day of Sweden. This holiday is regarded as one of the most important ones in the country.

Memorial Day in South Korea

Memorial Day is an official remembrance day in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) held on June 6 each year. It commemorates those who died while in military service during wars or battles, primarily during the Korean War.

Queen's Official Birthday in New Zealand, Niue and the Cook Islands

The Queen’s Official Birthday is a common public holiday in the Commonwealth realms and British overseas territories. It is typically observed in June. For example, New Zealand and its associated states, the Cook Island and Niue, celebrate the official birthday of the Queen on the first Monday in June.

Journalist Day in Ukraine

Journalist Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine celebrated on June 6. It was established in 1994 by President Leonid Kravchuk and has been celebrated each year ever since.

Teachers' Day in Bolivia

Almost every country in the world has a holiday dedicated to teachers, and Bolivia is no exception. Bolivia’sTeachers’ Day is celebrated on June 6 each year. It honors Modesto Omiste Tenajeros, a prominent Bolivian writer and educator.

Engineering Day in Argentina

Engineering Day in Argentina is celebrated on June 6 each year. It should not be confused with Engineer’s Day which is observed on June 16.

UN Russian Language Day

In 2010, the United Nations launched the initiative of the UN Languages Day to promote the UN’s official working languages, multilingualism and cultural diversity. UN Russian Language Day is celebrated on June 6.

D-Day in France: Normandy Landing of the Allied Expeditionary Forces

June 6 is a very important day in France. Today is D-Day in France, that is also known as Normandy Landing of the Allied Expeditionary Forces. Different local and federal events are organized to commemorate the day.

National Applesauce Cake Day

June 6 is National Applesauce Cake Day. This sweet cake is known as a healthier alternative to usual cakes.


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