Heart Rhythm Week 6-12 June 2016

June: the month to
check your heart!
Heart Rhythm Week
6-12 June 2016

Heart Rhythm Week is being held to raise awareness to arrhythmic conditions and ask that you understand your own heart rate better.

By doing pulse checks you can make sure that the beat is regular – although not everyone is sure of how to check it properly.

I know that in the past when I’ve checked my pulse I’ve found it straight away – and other times couldn’t find it.  Cue the vampire jokes …

Thankfully there will be Pulse Check Clinics on hand and Cardiac Cafes to teach you the right way to do it.

If you or a professional does find an irregular heartbeat it’s worth doing the palpitation checklist and finding out more about it.

To take part in the week you can download ‘Know your Pulse’ posters and get involved with setting up a ‘Put Pulse into Practice’ help section.

For all the resources and information you need, go to the Heart Rhythm Week website.

Please support us this Heart Rhythm Week

6-12 June 2016

Together, we can work to secure early diagnosis and improve outcomes for the many millions of people across the globe affected by arrhythmias.

              The Pulse Check Challengehttps://www.thunderclap.it/projects/41888-know-your-pulse-selfie/embed

We are encouraging everybody to take on The Pulse CheckChallenge during World Heart Rhythm Week.

We are looking to undertake the most number of pulse checks in a week, and to make the public more aware of their pulse and heart rhythm.

If you would like to take part, use an AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG or take a manual pulse check and send us:

* How many pulse checks you took

* How many irregular heart rhythms were found

* Your #KnowYourPulse pictures

Let us know if you will be taking on the challenge, email Sarah Edmunds.




What can I do to help?

There are many ways to get involved with Heart Rhythm Week:

1. Give information to your friends and family.

2. Display information in your local community by organising an awareness display in your local medical centre, nursery, hospital or leisure centre.

3. Share your story – Heart Rhythm Week generates a lot of media interest nationally, regionally as well as locally, share your story to help others.

4. Volunteer your time and support a pulse check event in your local leisure centre or workplace.

5. Fundraise, for example baking some goodies to sell at school, work or from your own home to help raise funds.

Click here to download your educational resources.

Stories of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

As part of Heart Rhythm Week 2015, weekly video clips in a series of personal stories of those who have been affected by sudden cardiac arrest were uploaded to the Arrhythmia Alliance YouTube channel‘Now is the Time‘.


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