Aromatherapy and Dementia Awareness Week 6-12 June 2016

Aromatherapy Awareness Week

The IFA registered Aromatherapy Awareness Week which takes place from 6-12 June 2016 aims to bring more recognition of the benefits of aromatherapy and its role in the health and well-being of the nation.

This year the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) has chosen palliative care to be the theme of the week.  The need for palliative care is fast increasing as the population ages, with the number of people aged 85 or over expected to more than double by 2037 in the UK.

Palliative care addresses pain management and quality of life.  According to a new report by the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) and Public Health England (PHE) 45% of patients are discharged from inpatient palliative care services with 85% continuing care at home.  According to Cancer Research UK aromatherapy is one of the complementary therapies most likely to be offered to patients in cancer clinics and hospitals.

The IFA hopes to raise awareness of the beneficial effects of Clinical Aromatherapy in assisting with the neurological and psychological effects of serious illnesses which have been the subject of several successful research studies.  The IFA would like to hear from therapists with experience working within this field, either privately, within the NHS or voluntary sectors or from those who have had experiences of aromatherapy in end of life care.

About the International Federation of Aromatherapists

The IFA is a self-governing body who promote the preservation of health by advancing the knowledge and practice of aromatherapy via education, teaching and training.

Since 1985 they have been safeguarding standards in the practice of aromatherapy through their official Codes of Ethics, Practice and Conduct and the formation of the Professional Aromatherapy Diploma syllabus in 1988.

Their quality mark is recognised globally as professionalism and excellence within the field.  The IFA are proud to hold their charitable status as they believe it ensures integrity in all of their projects and they also honour this status by supporting other charities.

The IFA act in the best interests of the public by:

  • Holding a register of therapists who have met the National Occupational Standards (NOS) as a minimum requirement.
  • Insuring all their members hold professional indemnity insurance, a valid first aid certificate and undertake 12 hours of Continual Professional Development each year.
  • Setting the terms and conditions to regulate the practice of aromatherapy through their official Code of Ethics, Practice and Conduct.
  • To investigate and impose where necessary disciplinary procedures if a member is believed to have contravened the terms and conditions of membership.
  • Promoting, supporting and encouraging scientific research applicable to aromatherapy and its practice.

For more information about Aromatherapy Awareness Week and details of a qualified aromatherapist in your area visit the official IFA website.


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