Holidays Calendar for June 3, 2016

Martyrs' Day in Uganda

Uganda annually observes Martyrs’ Day on June 3. This is a public holiday in Uganda, that is why everyone has an opportunity to make pilgrimage to Namugongo, Holy Land of Uganda.

Labor Day in the Bahamas

Islanders of the Bahamas traditionally observe Labor Day on the first Friday in June. This public holiday celebrates the achievements of workers and their contribution to development of nation and society.

World Clubfoot Day

World Clubfoot Day is an annual awareness day observed in June 3. It was established by the Ponseti International Association, a global organization dedicated to training and educating healthcare providers on the treatment for congenital talipes equinovarus, commonly known as clubfoot.

Mabo Day in Australia

June 3 is Mabo Day in Australia. This day commemorates a Torres Strait Islander Eddie Koiki Mabo and his campaign for land rights.

Opium Suppression Movement Day in Taiwan

June 3 is Opium Suppression Movement Day in Taiwan. The holiday commemorates burning of opium in the First Opium War. This holiday is observed in every city of Taiwan, but it’s not an official day-off.

National Doughnut Day in the USA

National Doughnut Day, also spelled as National Donut Day, is an informal American holiday celebrated on the first Friday in June. It was created by the Salvation Army in 1938.

National Egg Day

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? We’re not going to look for the answer to this hard question. Instead of this we celebrate National Egg Day, that falls on June 3.


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