Holidays Calendar for June 1, 2016

Madaraka Day in Kenya

Madaraka Day is a public holiday in Kenya celebrated on June 1. It commemorates the day Kenya was granted internal self-rule in 1963. Madaraka Day is considered to be the national day of the Republic of Kenya.

President's Day in Palau

President’s Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Palau celebrated on June 1. It honors the country’s President who is both head of state and head of the executive branch of the government.

Independence Day in Samoa

Samoa celebrates its Independence Day on June 1. Interestingly, the country’s independence was proclaimed on January 1, however, the celebration was moved to June 1 in order to avoid high concentration of public holidays in the beginning of the year.

World Milk Day

World Milk Day is an observance that has been held on June 1 since 2001. It was initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to celebrate all aspects of milk as a global food.

National Maritime Day in Mexico

National Maritime Day (Día de la Marina) is a Mexican holiday celebrated on June 1 each year. It is a civic holiday, which means it is observed nationwide, but employees are not entitled to a paid day off.

Victory Day in Tunisia

Victory Day is an official flag day in Tunisia observed on June 1 each year. It commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of Tunisia in 1959. On this day, the Tunisian flag must be flown on all public buildings.

Pancasila Day in Indonesia

Pancasila Day is an Indonesian observance held on June 1 each year. It commemorates Sukarno’s speech known as “The Birth of the Pancasila”, which he presented on June 1, 1945.

National Hazelnut Cake Day

June 1 is National Hazelnut Cake Day. Although hazelnuts give any cake perfect nutty flavor, these nuts are underestimated.

Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents is a United Nations observance held on June 1. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 and has been celebrated annually ever since.

International Day for Protection of Children

Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world to honor children and raise awareness of children’s rights. Different countries celebrate it on different days. In many states, it is observed on June 1 as International Day for Protection of Children.


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