Play Free Keno and Win Cash

Play Keno!
I’m playing‘s free online keno. Try for the jackpot absolutely free!  Come play with me!

Rules of Play

1) is 100% free to play. Play with 10 numbers to try for the Mega Prize. Play with less than 10 numbers to try for smaller prizes.

2) prizes are funded entirely by advertising. You cannot buy anything or deposit any monies on

3) Once you have successfully registered on, in each 24 hour period you will be able to collect 3 free plays if you login at during that 24 hours period. Uncollected plays will automatically expire.

4) In addition to your 3 free plays, you will get a bonus for playing on consecutive days up to a maximum of 10 free plays. Consecutive days bonuses will be granted during play on consecutive days.

5) In addition to your 3 free plays and up to 10 free plays for consecutive days, you can refer friends for up to 20 additional free plays. Referred friends will need to register with via a referral link that is tracked to you in order for you to be eligible to collect additional free plays. Your accounts daily collection allotment will permanently increase by 1 per each friend you refer who has successfully registered.

6) You can earn instant free plays by performing social tasks as listed on the “Get More Plays” tab.

7) If you win a prize on, you may complete a Prize Request form to receive your prize.

8) The minimum Prize Request amount is $10.00.

9) All prizes under $100.00 will be paid in Amazon gift certificates.

10) You may only have one account at Anyone found to have multiple accounts will have their accounts closed and any pending Prize Requests cancelled.

11) You must be 18 years old to play.


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