National Waitstaff Day May 21


National Waitstaff Day is observed each year on May 21.  This day was created to show appreciation to and thank all waitstaff for making our dining experiences enjoyable ones.  At the same time, restaurant owners and managers can also recognize and express their appreciation to their team of waitstaff helping their restaurants thrive.

Waiters and waitresses are a big determining factor on the difference between your dining experience being a good experience or a bad one.   The food may be delicious, but their attentiveness and attitude can make or change the whole experience.

There are those waitresses who go out of their way to ensure you receive excellent service and make sure you have the best time possible. Waiters who fill your drinks before you ask, bring extra bread, rolls or chips, give honest recommendations on food choices when asked are a valuable asset to any restaurant.   Good servers turn diners into regulars who are known by name.


We recognize our waiters and waitresses each time we enjoy a restaurant meal by leaving them a tip.  If you receive stellar service, tell them you appreciate the excellent service they provided and leave a more generous tip. Use #NationalWaitstaffDay to post on social media.


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