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About National Vegetarian Week 2016 is all about celebrating the stories and traditions behind the food we eat. The meal that reminds you of home, the dish you had the first time you went away or the food that picks you up when feeling down. Food has a story to be told and the National Vegetarian Week online Kitchen Table will be the place to tell it. Explore and share the stories and emotions that connect us to the food we all love to eat.Get InvolvedText Celebrate National Vegetarian Week and organise a get together with friends, a meal with colleagues or a feast with your community – click here for ideas. We have some fabulous free poster and flyer packs to help and your activity may be eligible for a grant.  You can also download banners, posters and badges. Order Posters and FlyersPre-order your #NVW16 items here.Each poster pack includes 3 x A3 posters and 3 x A3 belly posters. Each flyer pack includes 25 x A5 flyers. Please note, we are unable to send promotional materials outside the UK.Welsh language versions of the posters are available on request (just email note: We ask for your email address to send you a follow up survey after National Vegetarian Week, to find out what the resources were used for.If you’d like to order more than 3 of each pack please drop us a line on and we’ll be happy to help

Source: Free Resources & Grants for National Vegetarian Week 2016 |


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